A Brief History


Maison James Thompson, 1793

James Thompson constructed our house in 1793.  He lived here with his wife Mary and their 9 children.  Mr. Thompson was a fortification expert with the British Army. He was the last surviving member of the battalion which fought the famous Battle of the Plains of Abraham between Generals Wolfe and Montcalm.  Some 16 years later, he was instrumental in defending the city when it was attacked in 1775 by Generals Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery.  He died at the age of 98 here in Québec City.

In addition to becoming a master housebuilder, Thompson supervised the fortification of Québec for a period of sixty eight years (1761-1829).

The house remained home to Thompson's descendants until it was sold in 1957.  

We purchased the home from the Government of Québec in 1995 with the intentions to restore it to as close to original concept as possible and offer to the public the opportunity to experience a stay in one of North America's heritage homes.  We live here with our two daughters.

As your hosts, we will happily take the time to point out many of the must-see and must-do things in our beautiful and historic city.  Most are within easy walking distance of our home.

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